UK Car Highway code Test

To pass your driving test today you have to pass a theory test before you are able to meet that pole faced insensitive man with a clip board and no personality or sense of humour.

Try these questions below to see how you would do.

Q1: Rear fog lamps should be used when visibility is below.
Your overall stopping distance Ten car lengths 10M (33 feet) 100M (330 feet)
Q2: You are driving at the legal speed limit. A car comes up quickly behind flashing its lights. YOU SHOULD
Stick to your speed and prevent the vehicle from overtaking Touch your brakes to show your brake lights Put your foot down to put some distance between you Allow the vehicle to overtake
Q3: You are driving at night and are dazzled by an oncoming car do you
Pull down your sunvisor Close your eyes Stop or slow down Flash your headlights
Q4: What is the shortest stopping distance at 70mph
73m (240ft) 53m (175ft) 60m (200 ft) 96m (315ft)
Q5: When Driving in snow why is it best to stay in as high a gear as possible
To leave the lower gear available in case of wheelspin To help prevent wheel spin So that wheelspin does not cause your engine to run too fast To help you slow down quickly when you brake
Q6: You are driving on a wet Road, you have to do an emergency stop, should you
Select reverse gear Give an arm signal Keep both hands on the wheel Apply hand and footbrake together
Q7: In which situations should you avoid overtaking
In a one way street Just after a bend on a30mph road Approaching a dip in the road
Q8: When traffic lights fail who has priority
No one Traffic on the major road Traffic going straight ahead Traffic turning left
Q9: Driving with uder inflated tyres can effect your
Gearbox Oil pressure Engine temperature Fuel Consumption
Q10: You want to move off from a parked position. the road is busy with traffic do you
Signal whilst awaiting a gap in traffic Signal and move away as soon a someone flashes you Wait without signalling for a gap in traffic Edge your way in until someone gives way to you