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IMS-57, the first made vehicle

The production of the first Romanian road vehicle IMS-57 former Russian Gaz , started in Campulung in the 1957 with the use of either own or imported components. The type 914 IMS-57 had following parameters: two door body with canvas, petrol engine of 3.230 cm3, 50 horses/2.800 r.p.m., speed 80 km/hours and consumption 24 l /100 km. The production was hand-made, the body parts were produced on wooden last, finishing work on the body and varnish were made in the Pitesti Motorcar factory.

M-59/M-461 1959 saw the M-59 implemented showing another step forward in comparison with IMS-57: the engine had 56 bhp and a maximum speed up to 90 km/hour, hand wiper of the windscreen was replaced by an electric one. All vehicles had been sprayed, complemented and finished in Campulung.

Type M-461. production started in 1964. The engine 70 bhp and the maximum speed of 100 km/hour and a consumption of 17 l / 100 km at 80 km/hour. In 1965 2.000 unist were exported to China and Columbia.

ARO 240, the first in the collection 24.The new type had several important and interesting improvements The engine had 2.495 cm3, 83 horses and the maximum speed 115-120 km/hour, consumption 13.8 l / 100 km. In 1972 FORD-EUROPE organised a test, where an ARO got the second place after a Range Rover in front Jeep-Willys, Ford or Land Rover. two door body with canvas roof (240) and four door with solid roof (244). a pick-up (242) and 243 (the canvas was replaced by solid roof). Elongated pick-up 320 was designed in 1978 and was assembled in Bukurest. After 1989 versions 32 and 33 arrived. There 323 SANITA, 246 with elevated roof, 335 ŠASSI, 324 Pick-up, 328 MAXI TAXI, and a ARO Hunter, equipped with COSWORTH engine.

ARO has been exported into many countries, including Canada, Great Britain and even produced in Portugal (called Portato) and in Spain (called Hisparo).

ARO 10 launched 1980 under the name Dacia 10 in Romania, Aro Trapeurs in France, ARO Ischia in Italy and Dacia Duster in the Great Britain. This car has several elements in common with Dacia 1300 and was produced in four basic types: 10.0, 10.1, 10.3, 10.4. The engine was taken from Dacia 1.3 l. the vehicle was equipped with engine of 1.397cm3, with a top speed of 118 km/hour.

The philosophy of the producer has been always clear. To produce cheap and reliable all terrain vehicles. Without electronics and unnecessary accessories, usable for the most severe conditions without the financial maintenance.

ARO SA (short for Auto Romania)

ARO is an off-road vehicle manufacturer located near the town of Campulung Muscel, Romania.

ARO is the oldest car manufacturer and the only Off-Road Vehicles producer in Romania.

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