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During The Great War Straker-Squire built Rolls-Royce Eagle aero-engines under licence and Fedden's first engine after the war showed the influence of aero-engine construction methods. This light but noisy engine gave the 24/90 good acceleration and the company guaranteed 70 mph (112 kph) with any of the offered bodies. The car was shown at the 1919 Olympia Motor Show with the chassis priced at 1,350 plus a further 250 for bodywork. This was expensive for the period. Production was slow and no cars were delivered to customers until 1922 by which time the chassis price had been reduced to 1,150.

A prototype was run with success at Brooklands by Straker's nephew H "Bertie" Kensington Moir in 1920 prior to his working for Aston Martin. Moir set many class records using this car eventually lapping at 103.76 mph (167 kph). In later years the car was painted with vertical black and white stripes and still exists in that form today. Only 67 24/90's were eventually built by the time the company ceased trading in 1926 not long after Sidney Straker was killed in a hunting accident.

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