Insurance Groups

UK CAR Quotes insurance figures where available. 

Figures are supplied from generally reliable sources. Often the manufacturer, but may vary from insurance company to insurance company. Ratings may also change over time, if for instance the car becomes highly desirable to car thieves.

Newer cars  are quoted on a scale of  1 to 20

Despite Insurance companies devising a 1 to 20 scale some high performance cars are group 20+, for the purpose of the database these are recorded as group 20.

NB: Older cars used to be scaled 1 to 8 and their is no direct correlation to the newer 1 to 20 scale. for these we have either doubled or estimated the group as best we can.

These figures are only meant as a guide to whether the car will be expensive or cheap to insure. You should always secure a quote from your insurance before purchasing a new car to avoid nasty shocks post purchase.