UKCAR Service Light Information


Citroen Service light reset procedure


1, switch off ignition
2,press and hold down trip mile reset button (to the left of the fuel gauge)
3,switch on ignition (distance remaining will flash) and keep holding down button until display shows <<=0>> and the maintenance disappears.

With the ignition off press and hold down the button on the left hand side of your temp gauge with the 0000's in it, whilst holding, turn on ignition (without starting) and wait until the timer counts down from 10 to 0 and the spanner symbol will go out.

To Re Configure System

switch on ignition and put drivers window fully down (make sure radio and all interior lights are switched off)

2, disconnect battery

3, lean in through drivers window and remove ignition key

4, leave for 10 mins, connect battery and all should be re-set!

This is un-official information collected from various sources and may vary on some models of the car specified


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