Intermittent Wash Wipe

For those rainy days which doesn't quite rain and yet does. Yes when the windscreen is wet and then maybe not, It can be irritating to have to turn your screen wiper on and off.

The intermittent wash wipe is supposed to take the hassle out of screen clearing and on some it actually does.


There are variable types of intermittent wash wipe and they are:

The standard type which has a position on the wiper stalk for the intermittent this type activates the wiper at a pre determined timing maybe every five seconds. Effective and crude in clearing your screen without too much driver assistance.

Intermittent Wipe Stalk

A more complicated intermittent wipe system is when the wiper stalk has a variable switch which allows the driver to determine the time interval between wipes. this system can operate in a semi automatic way in that the variant allows the driver to select from a one second delay upwards depending on the conditions.

Intermittent stalk with time adjustment

Even more complicated and the best intermittent wiper systems operate using rain detectors they are operated by simply turning the wiper onto intermittent. This activates the wiper but also a rain sensor which detects the level of water on the windscreen and adjusts the wiper from constant use to an almost stopped variable used. How ingenuous!

Intermittent stalk with auto speed adjustment


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