Colour Coded Bumpers

Introduced predominantly in the late eighties.

Practical use none.

Purely cosmetic introduced to make your car appear better.

Hence assisting new car sales when introduced.

However they can be a nuisance as almost any contact will result in the paint being removed making your car look unsightly.

Almost all new cars now have colour co-ordination of some description the bumpers mirrors and side mouldings being favourite some also have colour coded door handles.

The design of modern cars allows the bumpers to be smaller than previous and therefore having much more of a cosmetic use rather than a practical one.

Do you remember the old Volvo's with the big rubber bumpers that whistled as they travelled down the road at speeds over 30 mph...............

Colour coding somehow would not work with these.

But it is certainly more pleasing to have a colour coded car. 

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