Deadlocking is a security device which enables the car to be locked in a way that the door can't be opened from inside or outside the car without disengaging the deadlock first.

If a car thief therefore wants into you car they have to climb in through a window and out the same way as the doors will not open without the correct opening procedure with the proper key or remote.

Deadlocking can only operate if the cars central locking system is functioning correctly. It is semi automatic and very reliable.

Key in normal position. Key in deadlocking position.

The deadlocking is activated either by key on a normal key locking system or by pressing the remote locking either twice or the deadlocking button on the remote.

Peugeot 406 key with seperate daedlock button. Vauxhall Vectra key. Deadlocks operated by pressing the lock button twice.

Disengaging the deadlock is simple just open your door in the normal way and it will disengage the deadlock automatically.

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