Sunroof Electric/Manual/Twin

The car sunroof is a very highly desired feature on cars and has been for some time.

Of recent some manufactures have fitted air con in lieu of the sunroof.

The UK climate is not as suited to air conditioning and the sunroof is still high in demand.

There are many types of sunroof and mechanisms that operate them.

The fitting of a sunroof can lower the headlining for those of you who are very tall and it then may not be a feature you will be grateful of.

Memories of early sunroof designs are:

Hillman Avenger
This is in the days that sunroofs were not factory fitted. The problem with the Hillman avenger was that in fitting an after market sunroof. The hole cutting in the roof severely affected the vehicle body strength. It then had the effect of physically causing the vehicle to sag in the middle where it most required the body strength.

Citroen 2CV
Sunroof or was it?
Not quite a sunroof but a folding PVC cover which allowed sunlight in a surface area equal to the car to enter from above.

Honda Civic CRX Coupe 
Back in 1983 the CRX sunroof was an electric operated roof which tilted at the rear and then travelled rearward above the car roof itself this design has been greatly copied since.

Audi Coupe
In 1991 Audi fitted a manually adjusting sunroof. And what a waste of time it was it adjusted by rising at the rear. 
YES that is all it did. "Vorsprung durch Technik"

Porsche 924
1979 Porsche introduced the 924's sunroof it was almost the size of the roof itself it adjusted upwards at the rear and could be removed all together if required. However there isn't really anywhere to store it.

Citroen AX GT
The sunroof on this car had a vertical adjustment which sent the rear of the roof upwards allowing removal of the glass roof. This could be stored easily in the boot.


Between these early sunroof designs come the current types we currently use.

Tilt and sliding roofs are the most common nowadays and are either operated by turning a handle manually or by electric motors. 

Some makes such as the BMW 5 series and the Renault people carriers have two sunroofs. I believe the Grand Espace was sometimes a proud owner of indeed three sunroofs. Got to keep up with the Jones's.

We now have one touch adjustment in certain makes such as Vauxhall VW and Audi these have a switch which when rotated automatically adjusts the roof to the desired position without further ado.


Sunroofs can be glass or steel they can be a hazard however in a severe car accident resulting in a roll. Volvo was one of the manufacturers which many years ago would not fit sunroofs for safety reasons.

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