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When Mercedes unveiled its new 34 range it included a smaller cheaper car for the growing car market.

The 170 range was almost futuristic  The 170 H was rear-engined  and was similar in many ways to the forthcoming VW Beetle. It did not sell in large numbers and was not produced again after 1939.

mb170vpw.jpg (28463 bytes) mb170hpw.jpg (32327 bytes)
1934 170 V Range 1934 170 H Range

The 230 and 290 were more traditional Mercedes designs

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1934 Mercedes-Benz 230 1934 Mercedes-Benz 290

The 500 became a renowned motor car, helped by its handsome is somewhat sinister looks. The 500K was even more magnificent. The 3.8 litre straight eight engine displaced a 5019cc capacity and was fitted with a supercharger. #

It offered no less than 160 bhp (a huge figure in 1934) and was said to be incredibly smooth to drive. But when you floored the accelerator, according to 'Autocar', it became a wild beast:  .." As the blower engages, an almost demoniacal howl comes in, the rev counter and the speedometer needles leap round their dials..".

mb500pw.jpg (25572 bytes) mb500kpw.jpg (23904 bytes)

1934 Mercedes-Benz 500 

1934 Mercedes-Benz 500 K

If the big 500 range was not enough there was always the 770

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1934 Mercedes-Benz 770