UK CAR Road Test
BMW 323i

I've had my 323i (170bhp) se BMW 4 door saloon for a few months now, I've owned three other BMWs - a 318ti compact, a 318i se and a 320i touring


The 323i  has a  straight inline 6 cylinder 2499 cc engine which is so smooth, it's tame until you get over 4000 rpm then it takes off.  The power is steady and constant right up to 6000 rpm, handling is great and feels so precise on bends - you can feel the road, braking at high speed is very good, fuel economy is pretty good unless you drive with your foot hard down to the floor. You've got the power, yes, but watch the fuel needle drop before your very eyes! I find it great if you need to overtake that old geezer on country roads or the odd caravan tower or two.


My wife also drives it and says she has to concentrate more, I guess it's cos it's a beast trying to get out as it needs to be treated with respect. Traction control on this car is a good thing as just a little too much throttle out of a junction in the wet would cause spin but this car performs really well under these conditions as a consequence.

Overall this car is a great  all rounder, for the family man and the younger single person, but treat it with respect as it might BITE back!!


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