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Jaguar XJ6 2.9 (6 cyl) 1990

The 1988/89 Jaguar 2.9 XJ6 or, as our American friends would call it a Jagwar, does not exactly drum up images of inexhaustible power waiting beneath your right foot, ready to pounce as the motorway clears ahead of you. I suppose clear and motorway in the same sentence is a bit of an oxymoron these days anyway..

Well on this point, the Jaguar does not disappoint. It is indeed a lumbering large saloon with a kick-down that doesn’t want to and when it does, it changes gears so quickly that you want to repeat the process but really can't be bothered to.

So why did they bother? Well, it survived only 2 years and although I don’t have numbers at hand, it was probably surpassed by its alleged 0 – 60.

Why did I buy one? Please don’t ask!

Coming out of a 3.9 Range Rover made the possibility of the promised 29 mpg of the Jaguar 2.9 seem magical. And I was about to embark on our biannual trek to Eastern Europe, the fuel savings would be of biblical proportions.

You’re now beginning to understand just who is writing this review and whether it is worth continuing with the ramblings of what must be some kind of motoring maniac.

Jaguar XJ6 2.9

I haven’t even added yet, that this vehicle has completed an astounding 136k miles, and, although it has full Jaguar service history, even I am doubting the sanity of the adventure. And I am keeping my feelings from my wife who has always doubted my sanity and does not need me to confirm it.

Having said all that, the Jaguar XJ6 is indeed a beautiful car. A car which, when running well will give great satisfaction for its luxurious ride and general feeling. The interior comforts are indeed first class, with all switches and gadgets close at hand (perhaps the heated rear window switch could be a little closer). This reflects that the interior has changed very little in later models.

The Jaguar XJ6 2.9, when up to speed, purrs along the motorways seemingly effortlessly, quietly and gives a feeling of security. Excellent all round vision, good straight line braking, but, just that lack of power to drive it up steeper inclines. However, take it onto small side-roads and you need to be quite a bit more conservative. On local roads, the sense of security felt on the motorway is lost on every bend as speeds have to be cut well in advance to be sure you can compensate for the under steer. On exit, no amount of coaxing will get it to accelerate smoothly and quickly at the same time. You either exit slowly and smoothly or go through the horrors of the constant kick down.

2.9 XJ6 Engine

Fuel consumption turns out to be a little less than anticipated at 16 mpg around town and 26 mpg on general
combined driving, the best I got was 30.6 after a motorway service stop.

This is a car everyone can afford to buy but has the reputation that only the super rich can afford to run. This certainly has
not been the case with mine. After 4,400 miles, the fluid levels remained constant and only the viscous fan began to whine
a little. A total maintenance cost of 86.00.

Jaguar XJ6 InteriorI can say that it was the most comfortable ride through Europe we have experienced.
Even the children enjoyed the spacious rear seating, the reading lights and a stereo system that
did in fact allow you to fade away their current favourite cassettes.

So overall, the Jaguar XJ6 2.9 has, for me, been a joy to own. I had intended to trade it in when we returned but have instead decided to keep it. Even with all its flaws, not least of which is poor paintwork and a strong tendency to rust, driving this car does feel good. Relax in it, don’t try to race around and you will be rewarded with a comfortable ride, moderate fuel consumption and ownership of what is still a truly classic, Coventry-built car.


Second Opinion:

Hmm some people are just never happy, they pay out a few coppers, expect to be cosseted in a Jag Gentlemans Club Interior
and expect tarmac wrinkling performance at the same time.


Well think again.

This is Jaguar's answer to the Reliant Robin, a mobile tax dodge, produced specifically to side-step the law in certain European
countries, its short production life only goes to prove that people who can afford to buy these cars (at least when new) can also
afford the not inconsiderable running costs.

Though lets be fair, the performance really isn't that bad, it will still out-run that other low rent big cruiser, the V6 Granada. Its realJaguar XJ6 2.9 Interior
problem is with performance accessibility, via the recalcitrant gearbox. Maybe at 136k, the gear box could do with a little
checkover?? (if you can afford it - ha ha)

Did some one mention fuel economy and jaguar in the same sentence, 30+ sounds really good, too good, but just as you think its going to be cheap to run, it jumps up and bites you in the backside with 16 round town. Never mind, just don't go round any towns -
that'll fix it.

The Terminal Rust Bug was mentioned too. Actually, it looks pretty good with just a scab or two starting to appear, treatment
now should cure it and save a lot of pain in the future. But then again, who knows? It could be like a sieve underneath.

Still, you only live once, and this looks the biz, is trimmed like only Jaguar know how and it just cruised to Eastern Europe
and back, which isn't exactly like your average day trip to the sea side

So.. The Jaguar XJ6 2.9.. decent car, If you can put up with the medical term they call.....

"Thin Wallet"

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