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UK CAR Readers Review: Mazda Xedos 9 V6-2.3i Miller 1999

Mazda is the only car manufacturer to make such a characterful executive car. The Xedos 9 is stylish, spirited, classy and refined at every time. 

Apart from the Mercedes Benz, Mazda is the only manufacturer to create a supercharged engine for years. The old, lazy,2.5iV6 engine was too laid back for real enjoyment. 

It was a 2497cc, 168bhp, topped 132mph, did on average 27.5mpg and got to 60mph in a leisurely 11.0 seconds.

This fabulous new supercharged 'Miller' engine is a lower capacity, 2255cc, but manages to get to 60mph in 9.2 seconds, reaches 145mph and yet has an average of 28.5mpg combined.

Why cant Mazda be like BMW? BMW has so many engines to choose from and some fabulous interior colours, in the Miller your are stuck with black plastic everywhere that is of good quality but just looks and feels nothing special. 

There are also over 15 exterior colours available on BMW 5 series' whereas Mazda has an embarassing 3 available. Why? What is wrong with Mazda? People have different tastes, 3 colours, including gold, is hardly enough to tempt executive buyers, is it? Mazda expectations on the Xedos 9 are far too low, but ignoring the inadequacies on that part, the car itself is well worth consideration.

One or two years old would be a sensible age to purchase a Miller. When in kick down in motorway driving, you really appreciate the Xedos 9's hidden
talents. The ride comfort and cruising mode are matched only by a Jaguar and the smoothness all round is equally almost unrivalled. Styling is undeniably the best part of the car. 

You can spot the Xedos 9 a mile away, but as Mazda have NEVER advertised this car, it appears anonymous hence lacks image. It really seems like Mazda UK are not fussed about this car, i am sure they are very much so, after all it is a lovely car, 

But why, why cant they make it better known. It
disappoints me hugely.


Makriel M <>


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