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Edward M. Furey <>

Great web page for a 928 model I didn't know existed.  Is the Carrera designation for UK / Europe models only?  The USA has GT's but they are not referred to as a Carrera.


I own four cars and therefore get to really appreciate my 928 when it is taken out on "nice" days.  After driving the American made "junk", with the exception of the XJ6, the 928 makes you realize what a car can be and continues to be year after year. It really does just keep getting better with age.  Which brings me to another point; The car does not age!  


Your advice is very sage in that if you have or can find a 928 in excellent condition, and keep in top shape, it will only appreciate in value.  I just remind myself of what the cost would be to "replace" my 928 with something comparable.  As we say in the USA = Big Bucks.


On another note:  Just had a great trip to England and Wales last year.  Driving on the island was absolutely great as you actually have people that know how to drive.  My only regret was that I didn't rent a TVR when there.  That may be the only car I would trade my 928 for.


Best regards,

Edward M. Furey

St. Louis, Missouri



Roy LaPorte <>


Just wanted to drop you a line to say that your write-up of the 928 was a
really enjoyable read (haven't visited the rest of the site yet!). The car
pictured (whosever it is) looks beautiful with the piped leather. I was
referred to your site by a fellow BB member of the 928 Message Board out of
the US (San Francisco). It's the work of Phil Tong, founder of

I have a question I hope you can answer: Have you ever removed the "928"
kickplates over the sills to clean the clear plastic? If yes, how did you do

I'd just like to clean mine up to allow the colour to show through better.
Some have said they used a screwdriver covered with a cloth and just popped
up the pins that hold it down. Haven't tried that yet.

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work,


'89 S4 Dove Blue Metallic
Toronto <>

Hi there, My name is Rudy from Australia and enjoyed you article on the
great 928 of which of course l own an 89 S4 and the words used in the
write up were spot on as l have and do experience every time l drive the
great super car. As part of the Landshark 928 internet group here
downunder which is the fastest growing group in the world we all keep in
close contact with each other and also get all the info like you article
which makes us all proud to drive one of the best super cars around.
Keep up the good web site and will bookmark you so l can can keep an eye
on what else comes up. Thanks  Rudy 928S4 Slate Grey with White Leather.

CJ Ryan <>

Just wanted to drop a line and say that you have a well put together article on the Porsche type 928! I really enjoyed reading it and found it entertaining and informative.

I am a 928 owner myself and have wanted the type 928 since being a senior in high school, which was also the first year the car was introduced to the world. I still have a dogged-eared copy of Road & Track magazine, April of the 1978, in my library I kept all these years.

I must comment, that although the 928 was designed in the early 70's, started production in the late 70's, it was a good decade or so ahead of its time. Too bad General Motors (USA) didn't get the idea of the engine/transmission layout right until the C5 Corvette like Porsche has been doing since the 924 & 928 from the late 70's.

Even today, the 928 looks like a car from the new millennium, and draws looks where ever I drive it.

Thank you for the informative article!

CJ Ryan

1979 Porsche 928 owner

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