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UK CAR Reader Review: Rover 216Gsi



Well I'm 19 and have my first car. 

it's a 1991 Rover 216GSI, 1.6cc. 

And yes I've put my foot down in it, and  had 124mph. (tut tut)

Have noticed though that the third gear is very sluggish at

Doing 28mph one day saw a boy racer I was in third gear and put my foot down, this Citroen beat me!!!

It was Probably a 1.0ltr!!! with a few go faster stripes on!,  But in third gear I was with my foot through the carpet, ( any further I would of been Fred Flintstone!) 

And basically the car didn't want to move, it only picked up @ 5,000 revs and 55mph. by then the boy racer had passed me. SHIT!

Good car overall though 40mpg, good on the corners if you're not daft and try do 70 on a (every) corner! back end goes sometimes! 

**IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN GET MORE SPEED OUT OF IT IN 1,2,3 GEAR!!! you know the one's for burning off XR2 Drivers???  Please reply!!!  Phil.

ED. These engines can be quite peaky and need the nuts revving off them to perform, but this one sounds a little under the weather,  give it a good servicing and get the timing checked out, and it might go a little better, or better still stuff  a turbo engine under the bonnet, that should fix it.

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