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If youíre in the market for a Supermini that has it all for the right price then you canít go wrong with the Skoda Fabia. I could end the review at that and be confident that I was right but Iím not here to do that, Iím here to tell you why.

    "What do you call a Skoda with a long radio aerial? A dodgem!"

This car isnít bad looking actually, the metallic blue is a bit iffy on this one but in black Iíd be happy to be seen in this Skoda. On to the next cosmetic feature which I care about - the dash. Take a look at that thing, itís on the "yawnĒ side of BORING! In its favour you could call it uncluttered, spatial and logical but that would make me sound like a brochure. The only thing I can honestly admit to liking about the dash on the car is the build quality; it outclasses anything in the same category, which gives it +2 value for money points.

    "Why does a Skoda have a double rear window heater? To keep everyoneís hands warm when they are pushing it!"

The Skoda excels on quality; itís evident throughout the car especially in the very tight gaps where the interior trim panels come together. In every model the passenger is treated to chilled air and the driver is given powered steering to use.

    "What's the difference between getting out of a Skoda and getting out of a sheep? You don't get so embarrassed if someone sees you getting out of a sheep!"

Next thing on the list is the drive. Now, this car isnít the most powerful in its class, it's let down by a lack of urgency in the acceleration. This isnít something that should put you off though. The smooth, superb ride overrides any acceleration troubles; you canít beat the quality of the ride within this class. And thatís why, if youíre looking for this type of car, this is the one to buy. I know some of you may not trust the Skoda name but I am certainly a convert. Not that I ever drove a Skoda before this one, nor have I driven another one.

Iím going to finish as I began - you canít go wrong with the car, if youíre looking for a supermini within the £11,000 price band buy this.

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