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UK CAR Readers Review: Skoda Favorite 1.3 Silverline M reg

Now a Skoda wouldn't have been my first choice for a vehicle either (Yes I heard you sniggering at the back) but it came along in a time of need at an amazing price, so that's how it ended up on my driveway.

First off, I'm not a car expert, I drive them, that's about it, so the name Skoda was associated with East European Shoe boxes with hamster powered engines in my mind, so actually driving one came as something of a surprise, a very pleasant one.

The Favorite is not a bad looking little car, fairly indistinguishable from a lot of other small hatchbacks really. The trim level is excellent. This is a Silverline version so you get amazingly comfy seats, a sunroof, internally moveable door mirrors and buckets more. The interior is very well designed, with all the controls being placed well. You never find yourself searching for a switch and everything has a good solid feel to it. That was surprise one.

Mechanically they are also very good, with a smooth comfortable ride, good handling and a very respectable turning circle to boot. It coasts along motorways at a fair lick and also handles the towns and country roads well, with good traction and quite a good pickup.

Fuel wise it couldn't really be better as I am averaging about 48 to 50 miles per gallon, which was a shock, so I re calculated it and it came out the same. This is a very economical little car. Initial purchase prices are great due to the low name Skoda has, insurance is cheap as no one would really bother stealing them and running costs are amazing. So what are you waiting for?

I have a few niggling complaints about the Skoda though. One is that the boot is tiny and makes shopping trips a bit of a handful. The gearbox on my car tends to be a bit hit and miss, there is a softness to the change that means you can easily be out of gear when you think you are in it, but this is something you learn to compensate for and after a while you make sure you push that lever home. There is also a lack of places to put things in, in the front. This sounds stupid but the side pockets are an annoying inch or so too narrow which means coke cans and bottles can't be kept there.

But, and a big but, these are totally overshadowed by the sheer 'niceness' of the car, a complete surprise to me. They drive well, handle well, run well and look good, so why do Skoda's still have such a bad press?

Don't ask me, I'm a convert now.




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