UK CAR Reviews:  Vauxhall Sintra 3.0 CDX 1998, 7 seater.



An MPV with a 3.0 Litre V6 24 Valve engine.  Over the top or what?

Vauxhall Sintra 1998.

The Sintra was only made for 3 years powered by sensible 2.2 petrol and 2.2 turbo diesel models and of course the 3.0 V6. The spec levels were CD and the CDX fully equipped model.

The CDX came with cruise, air con, electric sunroof, traction control, alloy wheels, radio compact disc player and much much more.

Vauxhall Sintra practical side door.

The car itself has rear sliding doors for entrance and exit which I prefer to the normal opening doors. I find them very easy to use, very safe for children and very practical.

The rear seats fold away very easily allowing conversion into a mini van with ease. The carry capacity is huge.

Sintra load cover with middle seats visible.

Once seated in the Driver/Conductor position you can see the switch gear is very easy to use and the dash clocks are easy read with nothing too fancy.

Seating is velour coated and the rear seats fold down and allow storage with a rear load cover over a small but tall boot area to cover any valuables.

The car is alarmed and immobilised for security. 

Safety is good with driver and passenger front air bags, side impact protection and anti lock braking, all fitted as standard!

The 3.0 tested had the automatic gearbox which is sports switchable. Driving the Sintra is a pleasure. Once drive is selected the car is very intent on driving forward and very reactive to the throttle indeed. when the sports selection is made it is quicker off the mark than many so called sports cars and it carries on accelerating for some time, indeed all the way up to a claimed 126 mph. Though surely that must be close to some kind of world land speed record for buses. 

Road holding is very good for the type of vehicle, the wheel base and axle is very well balanced for a front wheel drive, cornering power is very deceptive despite such a high center of gravity. I found myself driving the car to it’s handling limits and I must say it way a pleasure as well a lot of fun.

In appearance the car looks like an average MPV and I was neither impressed or distressed, it looks like a Bus/come Van just as do most other MPVs. (Bar the dog ugly multipla)  The seating position was very comfortable and this was enhanced by the front standard fitted arm rest. 

Fuel consumption was much better than I anticipated the MPG would not put me off buying one, indeed if it is only short local journeys you are doing the 3.0 would be the favourite choice the 2.2 is ok but not as much fun and the turbo diesel is just simply a practical space wagon and no fun at all to drive.

1998 Vauxhall Sintra 3.0 CDX

Overall the Sintra is a very good alternative to the Galaxy and Espace which are the best sellers in the MPV league and I would may just prefer the 3.0 litre Sintra to the others but the difference is minimal. 

Having 200bhp in a people carrier is quite rare and if it is a good driving combination and practical MPV you want then test drive Vauxhall’s Sintra.


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