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Vauxhall 1.6 cavalier

The Vauxhall Cavalier... loved by sales reps.... now replaced by the vile Vectra... and mourned by many.

There are millions of these about and the floods of fleet Vectras mean they can be had at bargain prices. But is it worth it? Would you not be better off with a more expensive Vectra?

At first glance, you don't even notice that it is a Cavalier and not a Vectra. Second glance, you realise that the Vectra is only really a sharpened version of the old stager; in real terms of street cred, you lose around 10%, but then 10% of bugger all is still bugger all.

The Vectra may have the dullest, cheapest , nastiest interior short of a twenty year old caravan, but that's still light years ahead of this donkey. The interior would look (and probably does) much more at home in an Astra Van. It's not all bad though, the seats are definitely better than in the new car and the driving position much the same. There also seems to be rafts of little storage holes just the thing for storing ermm ermmm lots of little things in lots of separate places. Inside it seems just as roomy as the Vectra, though the boot maybe a little more compact.

The driving experience is as uniformly dull as the Vectra's. The steering is somewhat weightier around town, but similar at speed. The handling seems to oppose the Vectra's though. At slower speeds, the Cavalier displays better body control but can still be pushed to terminal oversteer very easily. At higher speeds - 80ish - where the Vectra is rock solid, the Cavalier starts to lose the plot. Motorway expansion joints shudder through the suspension, and gentle motorway dips and bends set the Cavalier gently rocking to and fro like a rowing boat.

Cavalier 1.6 engine

The engine was a big disappointment, booming and gutless over 4000 revs. Having just stepped out of a diesel Vectra, that was just the point - I expected the petrol to become sharper; sadly it doesn't.



There is very little to say about a Cavalier, the plus sides are:


The downsides are

A nice 2.0 with all the toys might be worth it - if it's cheap!!

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