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Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 3 Door - 2000

Vauxhall corsa 1.4 16v 1.4


The new Corsa is admittedly better looking than the previous version; to me it has a certain hint of ďFocusĒ about it, which is not a bad thing. However thatís probably where all comparisons with the Focus end.
This car is one of many that come under the ďSuperminiĒ class of vehicles and probably best compared to the Ford Fiesta.

Inside the car itís big and roomy which is a good thing for the more ample driver, but in my case I found it to be too big on the legroom department but after a bit of adjusting felt comfortable.


The dash quality could be improved heavily, it has a complete lack of character and it feels like the quality is something that could be improved upon. In itís favour the layout is simple and clear and should present no problems in fiddling with heating or reading the dials.


Looking at the dash this car suffers from a lack of equipment that I would expect from a new car, it has no aircon, no ABS and the windows are not electric which is one of my pet hates on a car. If I buy a car worth £11,000 new Iíd expect a little more than this car has.


On to the drive, this car isnít the quickest in its field, but it comes close. Pushing out 89bhp itíll hit 0-60 in 11.4 which isnít breath taking but is sufficient enough for a car with a 1.4 engine. The steering is light and works well around town, but hit the motorway and youíll be left wanting something with a little more feel.
The handling is good, but not as good as a Fiesta. The price is probably what is going to sway your decision in buying this car.
Something that may just stop you getting your cash out is the oh so annoying lack of road noise reduction. Thereís nothing worse than cruising along listening to the radio and having traffic noise pumped into the car. This isnít just at motorway speeds, itís at all speeds, which can be quite uncomfortable.


Overall this is one of those cars that comes under the ďGoodĒ category, which in my opinion isnít cutting it in a class of cars where you have the excellent Skoda Fabia. I canít justify buying this over a Toyota Yaris either. It all depends whether you want the best performance over quality for price.

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