Scott's Ultimate Nova Guide In'it

Booyakasha, nuff respeck.

I is 'ere wid me simple guide to total street cred.

Step 1: Swap beer vouchers* for Totally wicked Nova free door hatchback.

nb: buyin a white one is prefered for easy conversion to GTE spec

*Beer Vouchers ie, cash , wonga, dosh , the stuff you cant use yet cause your not old enough to go in a Pub.

Vauxhall nova 1.4SR

Step 2: Make shoppin list.              

Step 3: Save up for 6 months

Step 4: Visit Halfords wiv cash

The Shoppin list is divided into sections

interior of the novaNova EngineNova Dashboard

List 1 Totally Required.

Item Cost From Cool Rating
Chrome Tail Pipe 5 Quid Halfords 10 points
"No Fear" Stickers 2.95 Quid Mountain Bike UK Magazine ( W.H. Smiths) 10 points
Padded Seat Belt Covers 25 quid or your mum could make you some for much less Halfords or Mum 10 points
Blacked out Windows The bloke down the pub will do it on the cheap. 20 points
Bucket Seats ( Fluorescent trim) 10 points
Sports Pedals (the ones with the holes) a fortune for real ones, though making some in metalwork at college is easy Nardi or Night skool 5 points
Sports Steering Wheel 30 quid should cover it Halfords 10 points for 14 inches circumference additional 5 points for every inch smaller
Sports Gear knob Momo or Halfords 5 points
Vauxhall GTE Sticker Pack 20 quid Vauxhall 25 wicked cred points
GTE Allis approx 250 quid for 5 +  200 quid for tyres. or  a more acceptable nought for 4 including part worn tyres Vauxhall or local night skool car park. 100 totally wicked points man.

extra 25 points for every inch circumference over 14 inches


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