Readers Review: Vauxhall Nova 1.2 Merit 3dr Saloon (1987)

55bhp 59lb/ft Torque
0-60mph 15secs (approx)
Max Speed 100mph
Tyres 145/75 * 13 inch wheels

Example NOVA!!!!

Quite a reliable car in the 5 years we have owned it, not much has gone
wrong with it until lately. 

It has developed a cam shaft problem, where as its wearing down, and making a clanging sound. 

The handling of the car is suprisingly good for the skinny tyres it has, its suprising how fast you can take some of the faster corners. One area that is let down badly in the handling stakes is low speed corners, it has lots of push at the front, and that's without squeeling the tyres.

It sets off from lights like a rocket, and is very good for getting out of

The interior is quite plain, and the dash is all light grey plastic, a bit boring.

The car sounds like a sports car, and makes as much noise as one. Sounds sexy when starting from very cold weather, sounds a bit like a TVR. A good all round car, that can pull well on the flat but struggles on hills.


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