1844  Karl Benz born
 1881  Founder H.F.S Morgan born
 1891  Inventor Frederick Simms aquires Daimler engine rights
 1893  Daimler Motor Syndicate formed
 1896  Rover Cycle Company Ltd. formed
 Daimler Motor Company Ltd. formed
 1897  Vauxhall Iron Works formed
1901 AC cars formed
 1902  Triumph Cycle co. Ltd. builds first motorcycle
 William Richard Morris produces a motorcycle
 1904  First Rover car launched
 Henry Royce and Charles Rolls form Rolls-Royce
 1905  Automotive Club of GB and Ireland (RAC) organise the first TT Race on the Isle of Man
 Vauxhall company moves to Luton
 1906  Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost launched


 Vauxhall Motors Ltd. formed


' Viking Ship ' chosen to represent Rover cars


First Triumph motor car launched


Morris Motors is UK's biggest producer of cars


First UK production V12 built by Daimler


Morris purchases Wolseley
Philadelphia Sorage Battery Co. - Philco. launch first commercial radio for US cars
Volvo car company launched with first car - the OV4 (nicknamed the Jakob)


Donald Healey wins Britains first National Rally in a Triumph Super Seven
Volvo commences production of trucks


Karl Benz dies
Stirling Moss born
 1930 Triumph Cycle co. Ltd named Triumph Motor co.
M type Midget produced
 1931 BSA purchase the Lanchester Motor Company of Birmingham
Rolls Royce take over Bentley Motors
Morris Minor 2-seater convertible launched cost 100
 1933 Alfa Romeo nationalised
Sir Henry Royce dies
 1934 Hillman Melody Minx - fisrt British car with a factory installed radio
 1935 Morris Motors takes over MG
 1937 Vauxhall H-type 10 is Britain's first monocoque car
Saab (Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget) founded
 1938 Nuffield Organisation formed - Morris Motors Ltd. & Riley car company
1939 Jackie Stewart born
Morris Series E - fist GB car with headlamps faired into the wings

Triumph name acquired by Standard Motor Company

 1945 MG TC launched
Rolls-Royce Motors moves to Crewe
 1947 Aston Martin bought by David Brown
First prototype Saab unveiled
1948 Production of Morris Minor commences
Porsche 356 introduced
4WD Aluminium Land Rover introduced
 1949 Land Rover launched
MG TD launched
1950 Aston Martin re-launched
Goodyear Develop Puncture sealing tyres
1951 Aston Martin DB3 launched
1952 Lotus Engineering formed
Austin Healey 100 introduced
1953 Aston Martin DB2/4 launched
Ford 100E introduced
Alfa Romeo spyder introduced
Chevrolet Corvette launched
MG TD ceased production
Triumph TR series introduced
Oval rear window VW Beetle launched
1954 Porsche 356 Speedster is born
1955 Triumph TR3 is first UK car with front discs brakes as standard
Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk II launched
MGA introduced
Stirling Moss wins GP at Aintree
Porsche 356A Coupe introduced with one piece windscreen
Volvo P1900 convertible launched
1956 Austin Healey 100 SIX introduced (with 2639cc 6-cylinder engine)
1957 Aston Martin DB Mark III launched
Lotus Elite launched
 1958 Mike Hawthorn becomes first British World Grand Prix champion
 1959 M1 motorway opens
Marcos begin building cars
 1960 Jaguar purchased Daimler
1961 Leyland takes over Standard-Triumph
Jaguar E-type Mk1 introduced
Triumph TR4 launched
1962 MGB launched
AC Cobra Legend is born
BMC 1100 introduced - arguably the world's most advanced small car
The Government halted the direct sale of registrations (any plate for a fee of 5)
Ford Cortina launched
 1963 Aston Martin DB5 launched
Emmission Controls mandated in USA... where the States goes, Europe follows
Alfa Romeo Spyder replaced by Giulia series
Ford GT40 introduced
Lamborghini's first car - the 350GTV launched
Porsche 911 introduced
Mercedes 600 introduced to challenge in the Rolls-Royce market
Corvette Sting Ray with rear split screen launched
 1964 Daimler Dart/SP250 ceases production
Sunbeam Tiger with Ford V8 introduced
Porsche 356C (iwth disk brakes) introduced
Mini Moke launched
Ford Mustang launched
Ford GT40 makes its debut
AC Cobra LeMans is claimed to have clocked at 183 mph on M1 motorway
1965 Aston martin DB6 launched
Rover takes over Alvis
Grand Prix starts to alternate beyween Brands-Hatch and Silverstone
AC Cobra Big Block 7 litre introduced
One millionth Mini produced
Mini automatic option available
Renault 16 launched - world's first family hatchback
Motorway speed limit of 70 mph intoduced
 1966 Ford GT40 Mk 2  available
Ford Selby-Mustang GT350 launched
Jensen Interceptor FF (4WD & ABS) introduced
First UK imports of Alfa Romeo Duetto only 4 years late
Ford GT40 finally wins Le mans
 1967 Aston Martin DBS launched
Rover merges with Leyland Corporation
Sunbeam Tiger withdrawn after 7000 made
Pontiac Firebird born (But what do we care?)
Ford GT40 wins Le Mans again
1968 Ferrari Daytona (365 GTB/4) 4.4 V12 launched and becomes the world's fastest car
Ford GT40 wins Le mans yet again
Ford Escort launched
Austin Healey 3000 ceases production
1969 Astom Martin DB6 Mk II launched
AC Cobra officially laid to rest
Datsun 240Z launched and wipes out US sports car market
Ford Capri launched ( three cheers, hip,hip ho....)
Jackie Stewart - World F1 champion
 Michael Schumacher born
 1970  Triumph Stag launched
 Range Rover launched
 Morris minor is killed off at long last
 Aston Martin DBS V8 launched
 1971  Jaguar E-type Series III launched
 Mini Cooper production ceases
 Jackie Stewart - World F1 champion
 1972 David Brown group sells Aston Martin to Company Developments Ltd
Daimler Double Six name revived
Volvo introduce the seat-belt reminder flashing warning light
 1973 MG GT V8 launched
Triumph Stag Mk II launched
Caterham take over manufacture of Lotus 7
Rover P5 ceases production
Jackie Stewart - World F1 champion
 1974 MGB chrome bumpers replaced by plastic
Lamborghini Countach launched
Porsche 911 Turbo introduced
Lotus Elite production ceased
 1975 Lotus Esprit launched
US introduces catalytic convertors and unleaded fuel
Jaguar XJS launched
 1976 Last Triumph TR6 made
Triumph TR7 launched
Vauxhall Cavalier and Chevette launched
 1977 Triumph Stag finished production
James Hunt becomes GP World Champion
Saab 99 Turbo introduced
Porsche 928 V8 introduced
 1978 BMW M1 launched
UK imports officially ceased for Alfa Romeo 2000 Spyder Veloce
 1979 Pontiac Firebird Transam 10th Anniversary edition launched (and we still don't care)
The second energy crisis begins and petrol costs leap again
 1980 Porsche 944 16v introduced
Triumph TR7 convertible launched
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars merged with Vickers PLC
 1981 Triumph Acclaim is last Triumph badged car
Deleoran Gull Wing launched
Mercedes 600 axed
Direct dial mobile phones launched in London
England - France tunnel proposed
 1982 Maserati Bi-Turbo launched
Ford Escort - best selling car in the world
Ford ' jelly-mould ' Sierra launched
 1983 Wearing of seat belts in UK becomes compulsory
Ford Escort - best selling car in the world
 1984 Austin-Rover drops Triumph name
Ford Escort - the best selling car in the world
 1985 Porsche 944 Turbo introduced
Ford Escort - still the best selling car in the world
Longest recorded traffic jam - 40 miles - M1 between J16 and J18 due to 200 yard stretch of resurfacing at Hemel Hempstead (J8)
 1986 Ford Escort RS Turbo launched
Ford Sierra Cosworth launched
Worldwide production of VW Beetle reduced to one factory in Mexico
Mercedes SL features an automatic pop-up roll bar
BMW Z1 launched
Ford Escort - best selling car in the world
VW buys  SEAT
Space saver tyres became legal
 1987 Ford Motor Co. buys shares in Aston Martin
General Motors purchases Lotus
Ferrari F40 launched
Sapphire Sierra Cosworth launched
 1988 Aston Martin Virage launched
Enzo Ferrari dies aged 90
Rover is privatised
 1989 Land Rover Discovery launched
Porsche 989 introduced
Audi Quattro introduced
Ford buys shares in Jaguar
General Motors introduces it's Geo-Brand of Isuzu, Suzuki and Toyota cars
The Law makes it compulsory for under 14's to wear selt-belts in the back of the car
 1990 Mini Cooper re-introduced
 1991 'Black Box' for cars developed in Germany
Caterham Seven becomes the first classic sports car to have a ' CAT '
 1992 Aston Martin Virage launched
Cats become mandatory on UK Petrol Cars
 Ford Escort - UK best seller
 1993 Aston Martin DB7 launched
 Bugatti purchases Lotus
 Official Mini convertible launched
 Ford Mondeo ' world car ' launched
 1994 BMW acquires Rover
 Channel Tunnel opens
 1995 Daewoo cars launched - selling direct to the public
 1996  Lotus Elise launched