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That was just fifty thumbnails of the thousands of images we have in large format

What started as a small to medium project has grown to gargantuan proportions

Our original intention was to create a database of cars in 1997 to ease a clients stock control problems

Six staff started by adding the first 12,000 cars and later we realised
(a) it could be published to a wider audience,
(b) that 12000 barely scratches the tip of the Cars/models historical record.
(c) that text is not really helpful from a recognition point of view.

So off to the internet we went , and with it we started to take pictures to aid visual recognition of models. We have taken pictures ever since and continue to do so in ever increasing amounts. We have also added to the data constantly, pouring over many, many reference sources

Our intention is now to have the biggest most complete database of cars and car pictures on the internet, planet.

Today (mar 05) we have over 41000 cars in the database and we remain hard at it, beg, borrowing, and even buying cars, books, magazines in our endless quest for more information.

Will it ever be finished? No is the simple answer its a full time job researching and just keeping up with the new releases, never mind trying to back fill.

We keep adding cars knowing that todays hot thing , becomes tomorrows forgotten classic.

UK Car is now so big it is difficult to notice our constant additions. It's like a huge iceberg, small and fairly static on the surface, but massive and ever growing under the waves , Pictures are updated and added to on a daily basis, the car specifications are updated every week, with new releases and even some interesting old bangers from time to time. Our detailed road tests are conducted weekly.

The website now measures some 8 gigabyte in total (mar 2005) and grows constantly.