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Ford Capri 2.8i

When people think of the Capri, there is only really one image they have in mind -
gas guzzling, red lining, exhaust roaring hunks of Professionals-style metal.

Unfortunately most of those made were of the 1.6 Laser variety, which had more
in common with Terry and June than Bodie and Doyle. 

Some early marks of the car only had a 1.3 engine in them - God only knows how a car that heavy could get up the slightest incline with such little grunt.

I speak of personal experience, for my black 1.6 laser, which started (almost)
every morning with a huge cloud of blue smoke, looked the business, but was
about as sexy to drive as an Austin Maxi.

 But after finally managing to offload the 1.6 I was able to invest in a Capri which could be mentioned in the same breath as fast - the 2.8I.

 Mine was a 1983 mode, which came with the distinctly none-standard Janspeed
exhaust system, which meant that severe decibel levels assaulted the ear on

We got off to an inauspicious start, with oil from leaky power steering decorating the drive. 

But at least it had power steering - parking a vehicle that long in a car park without it, was like trying to thread an elephant through the eye of a needle.

On the open road, the Capri is one of the best cars to drive, with spot on steering, and an only slightly worrying tendancy to lose the back end given any
kind of damp, ice, dark clouds etc.

My 2.8I roared away from traffic lights, really sounded the business and had
the head-turning value of being increasingly rare on the road. 

I must apologise for all those car alarms the exhaust sound made go off, and this wasn't helped when I bought the Capri Club chrome tipped two inch pipes.

Naturally all this came at a price, and although it must be one of the most
reliable engines ever - started first time every morning no matter what the
weather - the rest wasn't quite so reliable.

With constant new parts needed. That's not to mention the fuel costs - if you do look into buying one and the owner says 'oh about 22 miles to the gallon on a good day' - They're Lying!! It does that sitting still with the engine off - 

If you go up a hill and put your foot down - by the other side the gauge will have dipped noticeably.

But, let's face it, you don't buy a 2.8I Capri for economy, and although mine
has now been flogged (for a derisory sum - a tiny bit of rust) I still remember
it with misty eyes. <>

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