UK CAR Reader Reviews: Ford Escort 1.3 1995

Firstly, can I just say that I bought this car to pacify my wife.  After a string of high performance hot-hatches and a modified Jaguar XJS, I needed something cheap to run, cheap to insure, and basic (no electric windows, etc to fail).  Well, I certainly got it.  The Escort feels like it was constructed in a Dagenham lunch break; nothing seems to fit, there's bolts missing, and the whole interior rattles like a pocket full of loose change.

As for the drive, this is even worse.  The car struggles to get to 60 on the motorway (you have to floor it in 4th gear), and when there, you have to suffer a terrible vibration through the steering wheel all the way to 100mph (which seems to be the car's top speed).  There's no confidence at any speed, and gives the impression that the car is suddenly going to lose a wheel or something.

Handling is dire, and puts a new meaning to 'scary' - it is impossible to corner at any decent speed, and the whole car leans over at a nasy angle even at 20mph. 

Acceration. What's that?  It certainly passed Ford's designers by when they created this excuse.


To summarise, I now refuse to drive this deathtrap.  It's nearly had me killed twice trying to change lanes on a motorway.  Do not buy this car - no matter how cheap it is.  Pay some more money and get a decent Vauxhall or something.  I will never touch Henry Ford's blue oval cars ever again.

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