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Ford Mondeo 
V6 24 Valve 1996


At the end of 1996 when Ford decided to re-launch the Mondeo they surely knew there was one model that didn't need an overhaul, this was the V6. Yes, it did receive some minor adjustments in the name of refinement but the strong performance and brilliance of the chassis remained.

You can't help but compare this car to the Vectra SRi V6, in terms of spec, the Mondeo closely matches the Vectra with it's air-conditioning and traction control and a set of alloy wheels that are an inch bigger than the Vectras and ever so slightly (not in my opinion but I have been informed otherwise) better looking. And lets not forget the boot mounted spoiler, the leather trim and the electric sunroof which out does the velour trim and manual sunroof of the Vectra. However the Vectra has its edge with Trafficmaster and remote control operated radio as standard.

Quickly switching to the technical side of things these similarities continue under the bonnet with both having 2.5 litre engines clocking up 168bhp using all round disc brakes and ABS as standard.

But enough about the Vectra, this being a Mondeo review I guess I should break out of an age old habit and concentrate on reviewing Fords effort. Looks wise this car is not terribly eye catching and In my view is quite bland, the alloys and spoiler give the car a sporty edge but I still class this car as severely dull. But as they say (usually ugly people) looks aren't everything. This car is a satisfying drive when put to the test on some winding roads. The Mondeo gobbles up tight corners like a fat person that hasn't eaten for a month. The steering seems marginally sharper than the older Mondeo apparently due to efforts to reduce friction, this instils a confidence in driving and body control during quick changes in direction that I would describe as wonderful.


Inside the car, the Mondeo has cosy hip hugging seats and a faultless cabin. The reach adjustable steering wheel and large format radio/cassette gives the dash a feeling of intuitiveness and accessibility. Having looked at the seats, those with a more generous girth will find themselves feeling slightly wedged but overall the head and leg room is good even if the seats leave a little room for improvement    

On the security front the car is well equipped to hold off little joyriding beggars at bay but the most committed of thieves will find that both sets of door locks are vulnerable. In addition to the deadlocks and immobilisers you will find visible VINs, remote control locking and a removable radio front which makes the car effective against your average car thief.


I suppose as a final analysis of the car it's worth the extra that you'd pay for this as opposed to *ahem* that other car I promised I wouldn't mention because this particular Mondeo is about the best drive you are going to get in this class.  

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