MitsubishiUK CAR Reviews: Mitsibishi Lack of Carisma


Just another boring old Japanese Saloon, well built , reliable, uninspiring blah blah blah blah blah blah.

You know the kind of thing , you know just what to expect , and that's just what you get. But you don't really expect anything more do you. and with a name like Charisma its hardly suprising that the car has a rather low key image, the name conjours up about as much mental excitement as does Reliant Kitten.

Carismatatically Challenged name it may have, in the great tradition of some other of its Japanese counterparts, like Bluebird, Cherry, Sunny and on and on and on.

It of course displays a total lack of carisma, but what modern saloon can you point to that is a real character. Modern cars have had it engineered out in favor of ease of use and reliability, so lets not hold its blandness against it.

Its not too bad a looker by Japanese standards, Not quite as euro smooth and stylish as the Honda range . But compared to some not much older Jap designs, its remarkably easy on the eye.

Interior wise its pretty much the standard Japanese fare. Dark, Dull, plasticky, Generously Equipped. Okay they have added a few colour flecks in a sort of Middle aged designers view of what younger people would like. Inspired its not , irritating it not, just sort of middle of the road, ho hum style. Comfort is okay for a couple of hours at least, but I doubt it would be after much longer. The seats also lack side support so any real hooligan behaviour is limited by how much you slide around your seat.

Dominating the cockpit is the large , thin rimmed upright steering wheel. The steering itself has a light twirly feel , almost Honda esque, It has a certain Japanese quality to it if you have driven a few Jap cars you probably know what I mean.

It steers crisply enough , on smooth roads at least, unfortunately the suspension is at the wrong end of filling loosening, and as the roads get rougher the steering gets more  skittish as the tyres struggle to stay in contact with  the Tarmac.

The gearbox is normally a Oriental strong point, this one is a bit of a let down, second and third baulking on the shift across the gate. The foot controls though are light and immaculate in operation.

The engine is not Japanese it is European. Yes Mitsubishi uses the Renault 1.9 Turbo diesel engine. It performs ok but does not set you alight with delight with your foot flat on the floor. The Audi TDi unit is much superior.

Its not the biggest car in the world so its another one for small families, but for those whose family is small enough to fit, they get an ultra reliable , economical motor, so if your not too concerned about driving pleasure and can put up with the slightly rough ride your laughing.

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