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Aston Martin DB5 Vantage

I must say, this is the best company car I've ever driven! It's been with me now for over thirty years and has aged almost as gracefully as myself. Styled in Italy but built to the standards of excellence we British have come to expect, the Aston features the fabulous WO Bentley straight six motor, covered by glamorous super leggera bodywork - oh, how I do like super leggeras and a damned fine body with a lusty motor! Forget the BMW, Toyota, Citroen, Lotus et al that I've occasionally been lumbered with, this is the one car in the world to guarantee you Pussy Galore! 

In terms of performance and handling, despite its age the old lady can still hold her own.  Only last year I beat some business rivals in an amusing little road duel to Monte Carlo; their Ferrari 355 GTS may be fine for most of the low class work they aspire to but when the chips are down the Aston just has too much class for them to cope with, know what I mean old chap? And bear in mind,  mine is standard company issue and not even the hotted-up GT or Zagato version. The handling can best be described as a kind of on rails autopilot type experience which is rather helpful as my one bad vice of being rather too fond of the odd vodka martini means I'm probably not driving strictly to the last letter of the law!  Even 
though a gentleman shouldn't boast about the size of his equipment, when you have 300+ brake and 280 ft/lb to amuse yourself with, it's rather hard to be shy.

db5front.gif (25306 bytes) The interior has the kind of distinguished class that we civil servants expect - none of that cheap walnut for us chaps that's only for your common middle management Rover drivers. The seats and trim of course are of the best English hides and lots of them - those jolly decent chaps at Aston must have been responsible for more deaths than Foot & Mouth amongst the local bovine population!








The rather good radar system is much better than those cheap Traffic Navigation Systems found on modern tin-pot cars and has the advantage over all other systems of being able to track a second car. When it comes to picking up the odd damsel in distress, this car does a jolly decent job of cosseting and entertaining her whilst I grapple with the company's problems. Of course, should the vodka martini wear off rather too quickly and the totty not be up to standard, I can always amaze her with the full length sliding sunroof.

Au revoir mon cheri !!!!!!


Spec includes:

DB5 PLATE1.jpg (4694 bytes)
DB5 SHIELD.jpg (4259 bytes)

Performance: More than enough

Economy: Who cares?

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