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Having previously supplied me with a ZX Turbo Diesel and read what I thought of it, some wit decided that the thing may grow on me given more time, and hence palmed me off with the plain old diesel version.

I'm not going to go over old ground and repeat what I said in the previous test - those who are interested can  read the ZX Turbo Diesel Estate test

Instead, I will concentrate on the differences - ie the engine.

I use the term engine only loosely here, as this was one of the slowest cars I have driven for a long long time. It's probably the only modern car I've driven where cruising down the motorway requires a constant foot against the floor. Okay so down hill it will run on to 85 and probably more given a big enough hill. But inclines without a run up can cut speed down to 60 tops and should you somehow find slightly slower moving traffic, say 65 in the outside lane when your doing 70, then by the time you've taken your foot off the throttle then re-engaged it to modulate your speed, your invariably down to 55-60 and the now 100yard and widening gap is being filled by all the traffic from your left.

Citroen ZX EngineCitroen ZX Interior

This really is a frustrating engine to power a car with. I have a certain amount of inbuilt mechanical sympathy and dislike constantly driving with my foot wedged hard to the floor. But this car is so slow they may as well remove the accelerator and replace it with an on/off switch.

The upside is of course massive fuel economy - around 49 to the gallon in mixed driving. If you're never in a hurry then you probably couldn't do much better.

So to whosoever I upset so much that they took their revenge by sentencing me to purgatory in this snail, I apologise unreservedly, I've learnt my lesson. Please, please, please - parole me now before I go totally insane.

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