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UK CAR Readers Review: Mazda Demio Road Test 1998(S)-2000(V) 1.3i



The Mazda Demio is a roomy mini- MPV that whilst lacks sophistication, has a lot in its favour. The room inside is better than most Ford- Fiesta sized cars, thanks to a lot of for rear passengers underneath the front seats. Head room considering its compact size is also excellent.

Inside, this MK1 Demio is loaded with good quality equipment, such as 14-inch alloy wheels, electric windows x4 and sunroof. The cabin of the Demio is very well assembled and the materials feel of above average quality, however the plastics do feel a little cheap. The Demio shows its age with the exterior wing-mirrors that have to be adjusted manually by pushing the glass, and there is no petrol warning light, but otherwise the car is very competent. Reliability is the strongest area of the Demio, Mazda's legendary first class reputation is the main reason for this. Like all Mazda's the car boasts impeccable build quality. Safety is average with only a drivers airbag, but there is very strong build quality, 4 head rests and side impact bars. Security is average too with an engine immobilier, but above average door locks. Driving the Demio is a lively experience, the 72bhp engine is buzzy and generally refined unless really stretched.


Depsite Mazda figures the car is capable of reaching 60mph in under 12 seconds and a top speed of over 105mph. The car is excellent on the motorway, quiet and refined for a small car. Body roll is noticeable, but acceptable given its set-up suspension and tall shape. Road-holding is safe. The car is particularly economical round town, but when driving 100+mph on the motorway it drinks petrol- the petrol tank is small however. The Demio has a lot of street cred and there is the fact that there may not be another Demio more than 50 miles away. Very few were sold, so it is an unusual find. The front nudge bar lends the car an even greater distinctive look, whilst the black bumpers makes the car look like a cross between a MPV and a small 4x4. Overall the Demio is worth considering, with its classy styling, good equipment, peppy engine and brisk drive, the only downfall is an unsettled town ride and a cheap looking dashboard area. Well worth considering! 4/5 rating.  


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mazda Cars

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