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UK CAR Readers Review: Mazda Xedos 9 1994(L)-

The Mazda Xedos 9 is somewhat different from its  other Japanese rivals. Although it may not have a  prestige badge and Mazda has done nothing to get the  Xedos better known, it is actually an excellent car.

Quirky ?- Brave? - Sophisticated! Styling
 With distinctive styling and excellent refinement,
 what could be better? Well actually a lot of things.

In 1994 the car was sophisticated besides the BMW 5  series and any of its Japanese competitors, bar the  Lexus, but over the years Mazda has done nothing to  keep up with modern technology as times change.

Mazda  cant even manage side airbags, whereas they are  standard on the 626, nor is a rear 3 point seatbelt.

 The model range is also sparse too, with just one  model and 3 colours.
 Classy Interior

When put besides a 5 series, the Xedos 9 easily  looks a hell of a lot smarter and slicker, even a  little sexy with the large wheels and curvaceous shape. I never thought I'd hear myself say that  about a Japanese exec! Even the LS400 by Lexus looks as  dull  as ditchwater and the Nissan QX- well my breath will  be wasted on that. 

Hansome Alloys Driving the Xedos 9 gets even  better, excellent handling and steering is very   poised  at high speeds but on lowered models the ride  quality suffers. 


A car for people who dare to be different.

Superb  all rounder,

Its just a shame Mazda don't make their best ever car better known.

Dom Law.

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