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UK CAR Readers Comments : Rover 216Gsi

Ross Dickson <>

Well mine is a 214 SEi, and fair enuff it has a 57i kit, de-cat pipe and a PCS back box, but it would more than see of this GSi by the sounds of it, these mods don't cost much so add them to yours.

In timing mine has made 0-60 quicker than a standard 216 GSi. will do 128mph at last attempt (done on a private motorway owned by a rich aunt, honest) and at 55 in third would have a really good pull as the redline is reached at 60 in 2nd so third would be pulling enuff revs to fairly scoot to 90 before 4th was required.

So, drop a 57i ,a low restriction back box and take the cat out as well as the service and you should be laughing (though an XR2i will still be faster I reckon)

I've got a 'K' reg rover 216 GSI and it is sweet as a nut. Admittedly, it does need to be at high revs to get any real power out of it, but hey, its the same as any other Honda engine.

If you haven't got a K&N Air Filter on, I strongly suggest you get one. Although it is still WAY at its best at high revs, this gives you a bit more mid range power. Its worth doing. If you get servicing done and all that, you won't have any problem beating any boy racer Xr2i.

Philip Wright <>

The Rover 216 GSi 16V... I said I got 124mph out of it, Well after holding
my foot down for about 10 minutes and just touching the red I got 138MPH!!!!! Not bad for a 1.6 with NO modifications, and 0-60 was about 8 seconds.

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