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Rover 620 Ti 2.0 16 Valve Turbo

The Rover 620 was introduced in 1993 and produced up to 2000.
The car is basically a Honda Accord or the Accord is a rover 620 depending on your objectives. Derived only as a four door saloon which is quite rare in modern car production, it has not been modified into a coupe or even a cabriolet version. 
In all models the 620 does compete very well with it's competitors. The Ti doesn't have too many competitors and what is in it's range will be more expensive.
Rover 620 Turbo

The Ti was very much in a class of it's own for some time and is even today very underestimated. with a top speed of 141 miles per hour and it achieves 60 miles per hour in 7 seconds. 
Thus competing with the Ford Escort Cosworth Subaru WRX and world super car's such as the  Nissan 300 ZX Turbo. "No slow coach"
These so called sports cars "only do 140 mph". If 140 mph is imressive if not buy an aeroplane.
The Ti is a very powerful and underestimated saloon, but it didn't quite achieve the status it deserved in comparison to the Ford and Subaru. I guess with different marketing and probably a little luck it would have achieved more sales and a bigger following from JO PUBLIC.

The Ti is an all round car with a style and a certain level class rare in modern cars, it appeals to various age groups and different drivers. It can be driven how you like "you" being a large group of different people with a large range of driving techniques. The Rover will accommodate all. 

The Ti's specification is very good the standard equipment on the models after 1997 features abs, electric windows front and rear, electric sunroof, air conditioning, performance tyres with light weight alloy wheels, half leather sports trim, full colour coding and much more.

Rear seating with center arm rest.


The engine is a four cylinder twin cam 16 valve turbo charged inter-cooled 200 bhp unit. it has proven to be very reliable with the exception of oil leakage on early models this has been rectified by a different modified cylinder head gasket being used.

The gear box is a manual 5 speed unit with a limited slip differential driving the front wheels.
Braking is by means of large ventilated front discs and standard rear discs with anti lock being fitted as standard.

620 Ti engine 620 turbo and inter-cooler.


Externally the 620 Ti is normal looking with a slight suggestion of power coming from the standard large alloy rims and twin exhaust tail pipes.
The Ti is still quite normal in exterior appearance. 

Inside however starts to suggest something a little different with it's half leather sports seating, leather coated sports steering wheel, walnut dash and a rev counter alongside the speedo head showing a top speed of 160 mph, it is definatly a little different from your average reps motor.

Driving the 620 Ti is a doddle the car starts and sounds absolutely normal. When driving there is plenty or torque whilst driving normal and the power develops very smooth and even. 
The turbo charger is a Garret T2 which has a very small impeller allowing it to spin up to compression speed very quickly and efficiently. This almost entirely does away with the turbo lag.
The engine will rev right through the whole range with a great urgency. It is driving skills in the lower gears which dictate the acceleration. Drive is somewhat enhanced with a superb gear box excellent differential and a drive train attached to the monster rubber which tends not to spin, allowing the power to produce drive. 
Handling in this car is excellent with full independent suspension and anti roll bars front and rear the car does corner very well and it does inspire confidence when driving hard. Driving this car hard does provoke some very high speeds which can be achieved very quickly. This is definatly a car to be respected and which is very forgiving.
Driving this car around the town and city is very easy it is very well mannered, take this car onto an open road it will transform itself into a sports machine with the muscle to challenge some of the top so called performance cars.
The car tested was a one owner which had been fully serviced by the Rover franchised garages, It had covered in excess of 87,000 miles and was not a credit to it's former owner but a credit to Rover. The car did not display any wear on the interior worth talking about and the exterior was corrosion free and hardly stone chipped. Mechanically the car did not have any defects at all and performed implicitly.

Running costs for the Rover 620 Ti are very reasonable with nothing too expensive, that is of course with the exception of the insurance premium. 
The 620 has proven to be very reliable and endurable I have driven them with excess of 140,000 miles and still been impressed with them.

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